Essential Med Affordable Health Insurance

By | January 21, 2019

Are you in need of an affordable healthcare plan to cover both your in and out-of-hospital and day-to-day medical needs? Essential Med has access to more than 3000 healthcare practitioners nationwide to take care of all your medical necessities.

All of us fall victim to unforeseen illnesses or diseases at least once or twice a year and are in need of medical assistance but not all of us have the funds to cover those medical expenses. Essential Med is not only very affordable, but also have some amazing benefits available to you to varying degrees depending on your Essential Med policy option.

Let’s take a look at some of those amazing benefits:


Day-to-day benefits include:

  • Included GP visits
  • Partial cover for after hour or out-of-network emergency consultations
  • Specialist benefits
  • Maternity benefits, routine maternity checkups, two growth sonars and medication with a network registered GP
  • Basic dentistry, cover for consultation, cleaning, filling, pain control and normal extractions.
  • Acute medication, subject to the acute medication formulary and is dispensed by an Essential 1 Doctor network GP.
  • Chronic medication includes all chronic medication linked to a network registered GP subject to the medication formulary.
  • Radiology, includes black and white x-rays
  • Optometry, includes eye tests, free lenses and frames every 24 months
  • Pathology benefits

Hospital benefits include:

  • Illness hospitalization per 24 hours spent in hospital irrespective of procedure, medication and consultation fees.
  • Dread disease hospitalization, in hospital expenses for treatment covering heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, brain tumor, cancer, kidney failure, major organ transplant, paraplegia and blindness.
  • Maternity hospitalization per 24 hours spent in hospital for the delivery irrespective of procedure, medication and consultation fees
  • Accident hospitalization
  • Emergency and casualty visits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Death benefit

Essence benefits include:

  • Home assist (electrical, plumbing, locksmith, glazier and domestic appliances)
  • Auto assist (cost of towing, jump start, tire change, 10litres of fuel supplied when running out, locksmith when keys are locked in car and accommodation or rental of new car when car breaks down 100km or more from home)
  • Legal assist (general legal advice, labour law advice, road accident fund advice, attorney referral service, standard legal documentation)
  • Funeral assist
  • Emergency medical evaluation (emergency vehicles dispatched, telephonic advice, informing your next-of-kin about your accident)
  • Health assist
  • Extras: R30 for two 2D Nu Metro movies, 2 DVD’s for R99, 10% discount on intercape bus tickets, 20% off Planet Fitness contract and discount at any Reality store.

When you sign up with Essential Med, the Essence benefits are available to you at no additional fee.

Minimize the impact of everyday challenges, enjoy life and have peace of mind knowing that if the unforeseen should happen, you and your family are covered by Essential Med.

Essential Med is an approved Financial Services Provider and their professional, trained and friendly consultants are on standby and waiting for your call!

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